1. haqiqat

    Beat that Hollywood - This proves we have the Brains but it is being used at wrong places

  2. S

    London: Muslim & Sikh communities protect each other's worship places from rioters.

    An anti-riot group of Sikhs protected a Mosque whilst Muslims were praying. Both groups also united to protect a Gurdwara in Ilford .
  3. S

    Can anyone tell good places to eat and visit in Lahore?

    What are the good places, which should be visited in Lahore. This is for the first time in my life that I am visiting Lahore city on an official tour. Someone from Lahore can guide me about the landmarks, restaurants, shopping spots etc. If I can get guidance from anyone of you that what...
  4. FaisalLatif

    Aljazeera: Court Orders Mubarak's name to be removed from public places

    Court orders that Hosni and Suzanne Mubarak's names be removed from all public places, including schools and streets. Last Modified: 21 Apr 2011 10:52 The names of Hosni (right), Suzanne (centre) and Gamal (left) Mubarak adorn many public places in Egypt [EPA/File] An Egyptian court has...
  5. canadian

    After a missed connection, woman places an ad !!

    After a missed connection, woman places an ad Published On Thu Mar 10 2011 Nicole Baute Staff Reporter Linda Patterson has a regret, but she is determined to set it right. There was a man on her flight from Winnipeg to Toronto on Sunday attractive, not too tall, and smart enough to...