1. K

    What does it really mean to be 'normal' ?

    It is a common phrase in our societies: Act normal. Often, we overlook the actual meaning of this supposedly average word. But, when one really ponders, they are ought to be stuck at what truly is the definition of normal. Generally, it is defined as people conforming to the norms of society...
  2. biomat

    Good philosophy

    Assalam-o-alaikum Just got in my email so sharing as is... ---------------------------------------------------- GOOD PHILOSOPHY 1. EVERY ONE KNOWS ABOUT ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL WHO INVENTED PHONES, BUT HE NEVER MADE A CALL TO HIS FAMILY. BECAUSE HIS WIFE AND...
  3. K

    Dr. Israr Ahmed Threads - Collection

    Asalam-o-Alikum... Brothers Its a must watch. Do listen Complete.

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