1. only-knowledge

    Islam: A religion of peace. With Quarnic and Hadith refrences.

  2. Q

    Bold remarks of a 7th grade Pakistani student over unwanted aggression by India

    7th class ki pakistani student ka india ko jawab, plz share and like.
  3. S

    A saddened view of an overseas Pakistani

  4. K

    What is Islam in these days-Islam in Quranic language - marvellous

  5. Zain Itrat

    Mark Zuckerburg About Facebook Helping Peace Between India Pakistan

    Something pretty interesting is happening in India and Pakistan on Facebook right now. Last week marked the beginning of the 2016 ICC World Twenty20 -- the biggest cricket tournament of the year. This is the first time the tournament is being hosted by India. Fans around the world are going to...
  6. S

    برما، امن کےٹھیکےداروںکادوھرامعیار

    ..ملالہ کیس پر آسمان سر پراٹھانےوالےنام نہاد امن کے ٹھیکدار کہاں ہیں .... . , . . . . . . . . .
  7. M Ali Khan

    Israeli activist writes about why he refused to join IDF over mistreatment of Palestinians

    Why I Refuse: On God/love, nonviolence and the occupation The Occupation is anti-God, anti-Love and staggeringly, constantly violent. Why I refuse to serve in the IDF. My name is Moriel Zachariah Rothman. I am 23 years old and live in Jerusalem. I lived for most of my life in the...
  8. Talha Asif

    Efforts for peace in swat by pak Army

    Efforts for peace in swat by pak Army: :):)
  9. A

    Drones: A Price Worth Paying? - Why only question mark on Imran Khan?

    Every time Imran Khan makes some big move, there are questions and only questions from all sides. Now also, because he is moving to Waziristan for Aman March it is the same. Some say Jewish are behind to make Obama lose election. Some asking why not go to North Waziristan. Some saying he will...
  10. iSupportPTI


    Everyone betrayed us, our government the media and the army generals. This war on terror is shameful for the whole nation. We are allowing Americans to kill anyone they think is a terrorist. If they kill 708 people, 8 are terrorist and rest of them are the local people, including women and...
  11. iSupportPTI

    Will you vote for PTI to change Pakistan?

    Will you vote for PTI to change Pakistan?
  12. shafi3859

    Islam : Empire of faith,,, a documentry about muslim history

    What is Islam? Who is Muhammad (peace be upon him)? This is the first of 3 part documentary narrated by Ben Kingsley about Islam and attempts to answer these questions. This part deals with the life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his early life, his encounter with God Almighty...
  13. Geek

    Baloch separatists willing to talk peace

    QUETTA: A Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) senator in Balochistan has disclosed that Baloch insurgents are willing to negotiate with the government about the possibility of joining the federal framework. While talking to the media here on Monday, Senator Haji Lashkari Raisani said that he was...
  14. K

    Is Peace Possible When Dealing With Israel? Their theory of Gentiles by American writer? Through this article we can have comparative studies ? The real death star by web Israel is referred to as a democracy even though it doesn't even have a constitution. The reason it doesn't...
  15. pakiace

    Imran Khan's solution to restore Peace in Karachi acknowledged by Nusrat Javed

    keep this in mind guys Nusrat javed has been condemning Imran khan & his CAUSES,DHARNA AND HIS supporters like me on twitter, facebook at his shows where and when asked & today IMRAN KHAN'S DOCTRINE OF SETTING UP A GHAIR JANIB DAR GOVERNAR RAJ IN KARACHI IS ACKNOWLEDGED AS AN ALTERNATE TO...
  16. WatanDost

    Imran Khan Claims, he can restore peace in just 3 months in Karachi

  17. E

    Army ready to restore peace in Karachi if asked by the government: Gen. Kayani

    ISLAMABAD: Chief of the Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani on Saturday expressed grave concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi and said the Army was ready to restore peace in the mega city if asked by the government. Exclusively speaking to The News after attending...
  18. H

    Last 10 Days of Ramazan... In Humbleness and sincerity Let us pray for PEACE & OUR COUNTRY

    MashAllah we are in the last 10 days of Ramazan... Wow how this month has flown... They have been hot and long…but Shukar Alhamdullah it was easy... Let us all pray in these last days of then ights of power that Allah SWT restore peace in our country… Pray, Oh Allah please restore PEACE in...
  19. canadian

    Canadian Girl Finds Inner Peace in Islam !!

    Canadian Girl Finds Inner Peace in Islam Tanya's Journey to Islam : I can say my life before Islam was very sporadic, with not too much grounding, no roots. (Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - I lived with my mother. My mother doesnt have a strong religious background. She comes from a...
  20. sarbakaf

    No Need of Army, Police can restore Karachi's peace with in days - Haroon Rasheed.