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  1. Zain Itrat

    The Day Trump was humiliated by "President" Obama and he decided to take revenge & become President

  2. Z

    MEDIA Awaam Aur Zaid Hamid

    Analysis on the attitude of Pakistani Media, Promotion of Indian Culture and "Zaid Hamid" Phenomena.
  3. Z

    رمضان برائے فروخت

    How our Pakistani Media is Selling Holy Month of Ramadan as Brand on its decorated Shops...Give it a read.
  4. I

    The Only News Channel!! Which One?

    I need help of forum members!! I am sick of our stupid media, I really start to hate them, and I believe that our Meida is playing a role for destruction of our values, Islam and Pakistan!! But I also want a source for news updates!! So I want to delete all news channels and will have only 1...
  5. L

    My pridiction for TODAYS shows..What wil they be discussing..

    They will be blaming IK for not going to Waziristan.. or Army told them not to go.. and blaaa blaa BUT would not discuss the drone attack issue and effecteezzz.. and they will be inviting Ex-PTI members in show What is your say
  6. S

    عریانی اور فحاشی کی تعریف اور ایک اور مزاق

    عریانی اور فحاشی کی تعریف اور ایک اور مزاق سب سے پہلے تو خراج تحسین پیش کروں گا جناب انصار عباسی صاحب اور جناب اوریا مقبول صاحب کو کہ وہ آج بھی اپنے قلم کا حق ادا کر رہے ہیں عریانی اور فحاشی کے خلاف بول کر بھی اور لکھ کر بھی۔ کم سے کم کچھ لوگ تو ہیں جن سے ابھی بھی امیدیں وابستہ کی جا سکتی ہیں۔...
  7. N

    Pakistan's Greatest broadcaster - Aamir Liaqat again Jang Newspaper's first page head line

  8. C

    میک اپ زدہ مسخرے

  9. Wadaich

    Did US Succeed In Buying Out Parts Of Pakistani Media?

    A Pakistani newspaper bans a Pakistani columnist, telling her criticizing US government is against editorial policy. One more sign of growing US government influence within Pakistani media. SPECIAL REPORT with input from editorial director Gulpari Nazish Mehsud| Thursday | 17 March 2011...