1. H

    moral standard of pak army's officer. "best cadet" caught making nude video in australia.

  2. pakiace

    US insists Pakistan for a US officer in every headquarter of Pak army!

    LAHORE: The United States has been pressing the Pakistan Army to allow the posting of a security liaison officer (SLO) at every corps headquarters but the army has rejected the demand considering it a threat. This point has been one of the many irritants between US and Pakistan as the...
  3. maksyed

    Message from a serving Pakistan Army Officer

    Hate me ........, Blame me for everything........, Call me a slave of America ........., Nick me as "DUFFER" ........., Blame me for the incompetence of the government & some corrupt Generals :angry_smile:, ..... BUT..... I will always love you....., Because I have taken oath to defend...
  4. M

    A loyal pak army officer need help of the Nation

    please must read this artical tht why Brig Ali khan is taken in custody
  5. karachiwala

    British Military officer in Afghan jail

  6. J

    Zulfiqar Mirza Gang Attacked Zardari Security Officer ذولفقارمرزا بمقابلہ زرداری President Zardari's chief security officer attacked by armed men in Firdous Colony. Zardari trusted body guard is attacked by terrorists of Uzair Baloch (Peoples Amn Committee) run by Zulfiqar Mirza. It is...
  7. gazoomartian

    Presidents chief security officer attacked

    Gazoo Notes: Well folks, this is getting closer to Zardari LOL President’s chief security officer attacked: DawnNews DAWN.COM (46 minutes ago) Today President Asif Ali Zardari. — Photo by AP KARACHI: President Asif Ali Zardari’s Chief Security Officer Bilal Shaikh was attacked by...
  8. M_Adnan.L

    shaheed officer vs shaheed jawan

    i already knew it for sure as i have been watching this for so long that after PNS operation only those shaheeds would be promoted who are categorized as OFFICERS. this is not the first time that this thing is happening. as far as our armed forces are concerned i already knew their mentality...
  9. Ammad Hafeez

    General Shuja Pasha (DG-ISI) is an Outstanding Officer: Pervez Musharraf

    (clap)(clap) YES. WE PROUD OF OUR SOLDIERS. :)
  10. sherazopel

    Brave Pakistani - Police Officer Anwar

  11. A

    Pakistani lecturer vs Army officer. Salary and Benefits comparison

    additional important note: we are here discussing only govt servants.private jobs is a completely different issue. Both are considered grade 17 officer that's why their comparison is made. Further we are discussing important professions that are backbone of any country like health,education...
  12. sarbakaf

    British Military officer to go and Support Rebels in Lybia UK officers to be sent to Libya Continue reading the main story Libya Crisis Misrata: City under siege...
  13. biomat

    CIA Officer Explains New World Order's Demise

  14. H

    Insult of Turban - Mohali Stadium by a Punjab Police Officer

    Many Sikhs in the U.K are very upset by this and rightly so. The officer has now been suspended.