1. jhootaylog

    MQM Exposed 6th September Hypocrisy By Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas

  2. urdu_man

    Pura Such - Nusrat Javed

  3. Arslan

    Zabt Ke Bandhan Keyoun Toutay - Nusrat Javed (Inside Story On Zulfiqar Mirza's Press Conference)

  4. mrcritic

    Orya Maqbool & Professor Rafiq Akhatr defending Pakistan vs Nusrat Javed, Hassan Nisar & Imtiaz Alam

  5. U

    Nusrat javaid is honest but Najam sethi is not : Haroon rasheed

    ON his web site Haroon ur Rasheed replied to a question by a member regarding Nusrat javaid and Najam sethi . . . . .. Bilal8/16/2011 6:19:10 PM AOA,Why People like Najam Sethi, Nusrat Javed, are against Imran Khan.? DO you think they do it only for ratings of their programs because the...
  6. N

    Marvi Sirmed and Nusrat Javed conversation on Twitter...

  7. pakiace

    Imran Khan's solution to restore Peace in Karachi acknowledged by Nusrat Javed

    keep this in mind guys Nusrat javed has been condemning Imran khan & his CAUSES,DHARNA AND HIS supporters like me on twitter, facebook at his shows where and when asked & today IMRAN KHAN'S DOCTRINE OF SETTING UP A GHAIR JANIB DAR GOVERNAR RAJ IN KARACHI IS ACKNOWLEDGED AS AN ALTERNATE TO...
  8. Brave Heart

    "Laal Topi Wala Maskhara" - Nusrat Javaid's Column on Zaid Hamid

    Is Nusrat Javaid drunk while writing this column? check this column of express news today
  9. K

    Pak China Relations Aur Saazishein by Nusrat Mirza
  10. fahid_asif

    Nusrat Javed goes to new Extreme - Calls Imran Khan, Pakistan's upcoming "Hitler"

    yar isay galyan na diya kro, blood pressure ka mareez ha, bal k gandi treen galyan diya kro ta k jaldi meray
  11. K

    Amrica Ka Kowboy apni Rawish par Nusrat Mirza Urdu Columnist

    نیوکون یہود اور ہنود کا اصل نشانہ پاک فوج اور ہمارا ایٹم ہی ھے۔ ہمارے خیال میں بلوچستان سپشل پولیس ٹاسک فورس کانام استعمال کیا جائے چاہے اسمیں آرمی جوان کیوں نہ ھوں۔ آرمی کو بدنام ھونے سے ہر صورت بچایا جائے۔کمانڈوپولیس...
  12. pak2010

    Nusrat Javed kay coulmn "Imran Ka Woh Koun?" ka aik or Jawab. Must read
  13. C

    Nusrat Javed accuses Imran Khan's supporters of abusing him on twitter.

    [hilar] [hilar] [hilar] [hilar] [hilar] [hilar]
  14. Wadaich

    Baladasti K leya America ke Almi Saf bandi Aur Pakistan - Nusrat Mirza

    Please read the last sentence carefully.
  15. moazzamniaz

    Pakistan: Terrorism and our Mindset; Hassan Nisar, Nusrat Javed

    Pakistan: Terrorism and our Mindset; Hassan Nisar, Nusrat Javed
  16. awan4ever

    Nusrat Javed and Mosharraf Zaidi explain why those who criticize the Army are NOT asking for its dis Please watch this video with an open mind. Those of you who call every other person who criticizes the Army a traitor should especially try to listen to what they are saying. Im sure a lot of you still wont get it...
  17. B

    Nusrat Javed making fun of PTI dharna in Quetta

  18. Brave Heart

    Update on Zaid Hamid & Ahmadinejad Meeting - Nusrat Javed Baloongra isn't too happy about it

    ZH FB: Allahu Akbar! They are furious on our Iran visit and are openly acknowledging that it is us who have changed the policies of Iranian leadership!! alhamdolillah, their hasad is burning their own system and policies while our azaan penetrates and destroys the system of Kufr!! In their...
  19. Faisla Ap ka

    Faisala Aap Ka - 5th June 2011 - Zahid Hussain, Umer Cheema & Nusrat Javed - Journalist's Security

  20. B

    Nusrat Javed: Kurti ay gilli gilli, lacha vi gilla

    At 13:50 minutes Nusrat Javed shows the people's interest in today's affairs: He says he posted the song on facebook and would you believe that by the time of his program 10,17,906 visitors had visited that song from Pakistan.