1. F

    'Democracy' getting dangerous, Immediate reforms needed

    Democracy as practiced in Pakistan had since long become synonymous with corruption and mal-governance but now it has also become dangerous for the social fabric of the society. The concept of grabbing parliament seats by hook or by crook has matured to fineness and now think tanks of...
  2. biomat

    YouTube to Stream Live Makkah Prayers in Ramadan

    Haram taraveeh live streaming needed... Assalam-o-alaikum Can some one share Haram (makkah medinah) taraveeh live streaming please.
  3. hawk eyed

    A little attention needed : Pakistan floods: One year on

    dont forget the flood victims while extracting zakat money from your accounts...they are homeless still n in desperate need of help from their brothers
  4. H

    more CIA men are allowed to come in pakistan. gen. pasha has done his task


    62 years ago a nation needed a country after 62 years a country needs a nation

  6. Salik

    Arabian Sea Storm....Best story writer needed...

    A picture is worth thousand words... You are invited to write a story describing MQM behind the development of the storm in the Arabian Sea... (There are many who can do it very effectively..) The best story writer will be given "(clap)(clap)(clap)A lot of applause(clap)(clap) " by the...
  7. fahid_asif

    Help needed from Karachi.

    My elder brother is fresh doctor. He has applied in a hospital in Karachi. Now he has to appear in entry test and interview there. We live in Gujranwala and we have no relatives there at all. His stay there is supposed to be 6,7,8,9 of this month. Assist plz how can he handle the flat or place...
  8. Z

    Urgent input needed from all!

    Asaalaam O Alikum! I am in desperate need for contact email/phone number for following persons Kamran Khan (Geo) Ansar Abbasi (Jang) Fahim Siddiqui (host of FIR program on Geo) Luqmaan (Khari Baat host) This is very serious and urgent matter, if you know any of the above persons or know any...
  9. D

    New provinces are needed in Sindh: Shahbaz Sharif - PPP. MQM, Q League, ANP all want to break Punjab

    read the two above news! mqm says that we only want to break punjab!but we love sindh so we would never let anyone break sindh! why punjabis are so baighairat that they still let mqm do jalsa in lahore?have they no honour left? also i hate ppp,mqm and q league,anp,all these parties in jealousy...