namoos e risalat

  1. M Ali Khan

    Junaid Hafeez: condemned forever? - depressing read of a BZU teacher accused of blasphemy

    In his early 60s now, Mr Hafeez is a soft-spoken and kind man but he smiles rarely or not at all. Although sleep-deprived and fatigued, his eyes glimmer with memories of times that were, and hope for the days to come. He travels 200km every week, from Rajanpur to Multan, to meet his eldest son...
  2. _pakistan

    Thousands of Muslims rally outside Google HQ in London over anti-Islam film

    More than 10,000 Muslims protested outside the offices of Google in London in an attempt to force the company to remove an anti-Islamic film from YouTube in Britain, The Telegraph reported on Sunday. The protests come ahead of a planned million-man march to be organized in Hyde Park within the...
  3. V

    Justice Nazir Akhter on Qanoon e Namoos e Risalat

    Please listen to very informative Quranic explanation of Qanoon e Namoos e Risalat. Introductory clip is about 14 minutes so you may skip to his lecture by taking mouse on video and clicking to second sequence. Just to let you know in case...