1. v r imran k

    Sunni and Shia are united in Saudi Arabia against terrorism

    Terrorists fail to create sectarian divide in EP Islamic scholar Sheikh Syed Ali Nasser appeal for calm and peace during the funeral of the victims of the Friday firing at Al-Kawther in Sihat in the Eastern Province. SG photo Aid Haider Saudi Gazette DAMMAM The five victims of Sihat...
  2. A

    Adi Rockx The New Music Sensation (Your feedback required lol)

    Tabdeeli aayi nahi, tabdeeli aachuki hay After getting irritated due to PTI sit-ins and their songs, the government now seems to cause destruction of Pakistan Music Industry.
  3. I

    Education Minister Sheikh Waqas Akram did B.A. Without F.A - Only happens in Pakistan!

    Pervez Musharraf's State Minister for Interior when emergence was imposed and current Education minister who is on a mission to abolish the HEC has miraculiously completed his bachelors without passing the Intermediate exams! Story below via Waseem Abbasi of The News. Let's hope Sana Bucha and...
  4. Machar

    InshaAllah! Imran Khan Hazara Tour 5 & 6 March Promo

  5. Sher_ka_Shakari

    We Supported Shahbaz Sharif to become CM Punjab - ASWJ PMLN Saying: Tum Kitnay Jhoot Pakrooy gey, Har moun sey Jhoot niklay ga. Maryam: Papa party ke izzat bechnay k badlay ASWJ(LeJ) walay seat adjustment k liay tayar hein. Nawaz Noora: Bache dey Bache dey Bache dey
  6. A

    Do Pakistanis living abroad pretend as Indians?

    For the past few years, I have been coming across news articles and posts mostly by Indians that Pakistanis living abroad especially in Western nations hide information about their true origins simply due to bad reputation of Pakistan in the local media over there; and often pretend as Indians...
  7. L

    Javed Ahmad Ghamdi Threads - Collection