1. Wadaich

    Anti-Defamation League: Speaking the truth about 9/11 is Anti-Semitic

    Being labeled an anti-Semite is an honor these days. All it means is someone who is against the Jewish criminal gang that dominates the global power structure. In our Orwellian world, anti-Semite and American patriot are actually synonymous. Simply accurately describing the most influential...
  2. hroonj2k3

    "First Time", Who is Ready to Leave.... Are you Motivated or not by PTI Imran Khan

    First time, in my life I am so motivated that I have no more dream of living in UK, I want to go back to Pakistan to help true emerging Leadership of Imran Khan but short of sources I cannot, Although I am so willing to go back and don't wanna live in Uk anymore but I ll do anything from here to...