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  1. GTV Pakistan

    KSA Request US To Send Soldiers, Trump Requires More Amount After Receiving One Billion Dollars

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    US Army Leaving Iraq ?

  3. GTV Pakistan

    US, Israel And Few Muslim Countries Behind Terrorism In Middle East, Sunni Tehreek Leader

  4. GTV Pakistan

    Qasem Soleimani Revenge Became A National Slogan In Iran

  5. Wadaich

    Iran & Saudi Arabia Did a Cardinal Sin By Destabilzing Middle East to Provide US/Israel Oppertunity

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  6. A

    US and Israel have bombed 14 Muslim nations in 25 years

    LAHORE: To the sheer dismay of over 1.6 billion followers of Islam residing on planet Earth today, the United States and its stalwart ally Israel have bombed at least 14 of the 57 Muslim countries during the last 25 years, a research conducted by the Jang Group and Geo Television Network shows...
  7. Wadaich

    Zionists Planning World War-III for Complete Occupation of Muslim World

    The plan is to step by step capturing of Muslim lands. A complete occupation of North Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia. Following may be the order of the events of WW-III 1. Ground Invasion of Libya planned up to October 2011. 2. Drone attacks in Yemen. 3. Ground Invasion of Syria...
  8. Z

    Why middle east is burning??

    After abandoning Ahlul Bayt a.s. The family of The Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. Muslim Ummah have not created a real Islamic country independent from USA, Britian and Israel.....even in the article below one may observe that the author is suggesting that UN be asked to intercede - is UN an Islamic...
  9. hans

    Is Saudi Arabia fighting for its IDEOLOGICAL SURVIVAL ??????

    Before you read the main article I would like to refresh Siasat.pk members on Some historical facts..... The Bosnian War or the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina was an international armed conflict that took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina between April 1992 and December 1995. The war involved...
  10. hans

    As the Meat Rot, financial carnage exposed within the Arab world

    Saad boss facing criminal charges in Bahrain (Reuters) - Bahrain is pressing charges against Saudi businessman Maan al-Sanea, the first time any of the players in a multi-billion dollar row with the Algosaibi family face the prospect of trial in a criminal court. Al-Sanea is on a list of 15...
  11. hans

    Saudi's deem any street opposition Un Islamic... 'illegal' or may I add the word Haram.

    SAUDI Arabia's Interior Ministry has warned would-be protesters that demonstrations demanding change in the kingdom are illegal. "Regulations in the kingdom forbid categorically all sorts of demonstrations, marches and sit-ins . . . as they contradict Islamic sharia law and...
  12. hans

    Saudi Arabia's Fear of Egypt.....KSA paln to Coopted Egypt.

    Not surprisingly, many American media reports have focused on the impact of the revolution in Egypt on Israel, whose security policy is centered on the three-decade-old peace treaty between Israel and Egypt. But the country that really ought to be worried is Saudi Arabia. Throughout the...
  13. hans

    Difference between 1857 Indian Uprising - 2010/11 Middle East democratic uprising.

    The Year of the Chapatis In late 1856, rumors swept across northern India about a new rifle being used by the East India Company the Lee-Enfield Rifle. The rifles ammunition was carried in a paper-wrapped cartridge with the powder and ball. The paper was greased to be water-proof. For a...
  14. hans

    True Colour Of Palestinian Ummah أمة‎

    Al-Jazeera TV begins leaking 1,600 secret documents: PA agreed to concede almost all of East Jerusalem to Israel, accept Israeli demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Al-Jazeera TV and The Guardian revealed Sunday the details of 1,600 confidential documents on negotiations...