1. K

    Has U.S. Foreign Policy Ever Been Such a Mess?

    Multiple Wars are Symptoms of the Need to Escape the Quagmire of Empire By Kevin Zeese I can't remember a time when the U.S. military has been stuck in so many war quagmires at once. Libya seems destined to fail unless the U.S. gets a lucky shot and kills Gaddafi. U.S. militarists are openly...
  2. WatanDost

    Fukushima Disaster Started Producing MESS

    High levels of radiation found in Japanese cattle near Fukushima nuke disaster site levels of radioactive cesium have been detected in a herd of cattle from Fukushima prefecture, the Tokyo metropolitan government has confirmed. This is the first time that radiation has been found in...
  3. Geek

    Chamat wali baat - Don't Mess With Pakistan

    Right thing to do with such people who is creating mess in Pakistan Keep You City Clean Respect Woman
  4. Geek

    Another Gem From Another So Called Leader - No doubt We Are in This Mess