1. Khansaber

    20 US states file petitions to secede - امریکا ٹوٹ رہا ہے؟

    15 states want to separate from USA cuz BLACK President won again Anarchy in the USA? Folks in 15 states file petitions to secedeIts either the political theater equivalent of a hissy fit or the start of more than a dozen new countries: Citizens in 15 states have filed petitions to secede from...
  2. Muslimonly

    50 years ago - Molana Maududi's Six Points

    Molana Maududi's Six Points Source: Dawn News KARACHI: The Jamaat-i-Islami chief, Maulana Abul Ala Maudoodi, said last night that the six-point programme suggested by him was the only solution of various ills facing Pakistan. The...
  3. patriot

    Haidar Maududi (Son Of Maulana Maududi) Speaks against Jamaat-e-Islami

  4. janbazali

    Islamisation Will Destroy Pakistan - Maududi

    besharam logg, khatay Pakistan ka hai, rehtay Pakistan mai hain baay fakharr say keh rha hai k hum nay Pakistan bantay waqt is ko "napaki stan" kaha, aur ab kis mou say ye jamat-e-islami pakistan mai hakomat kernay k khawab dekh rhi hai Allah tala is madina-e-saani k khilaaf bolnay walon, aur...
  5. hans

    Syed Abul A'ala Maududi instruction:

    Syed Abul A'ala Maududi instruction: 1) Maulana advised Government Servants against signing a pledge demanded by West Pakistan Government, until that Government became Islamic. 2) He also expressed the view that fighting in Kashmir where a large number of Pathans had gone to fight was not a...
  6. Ammad Hafeez

    Property Conflict between JI Leaders & Successors of Malana Maududi, Role of Islami Jamiat Talba

    Property Conflict between Jamat-e-Islami & Successors of Malana Maududi and Negative Role of Islami Jamiat Talba
  7. Z

    Syed Abul A'ala Maududi explain Dai Ke Khususyat

    Aslam o Alikum... Syed Abul A'ala Maududi explain Dai Ke Khususyat.

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