1. ب

    "The Most extra ordinary story in aviation from Pakistan" CNN

    Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN)More than 30% of civilian pilots in Pakistan have fake licenses and are not qualified to fly, the country's aviation minister revealed Wednesday. Addressing Pakistan's National Assembly, Ghulam Sarwar Khan said 262 pilots in the country "did not take the exam...
  2. M

    PM gave directive to remove name of accused from ECL few months ago

    Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the officials concerned to consider the possibility of striking off names of four accused in the KASB Bank merger case, including a former governor of the central bank and head of a commercial bank, from a no-fly list amid questions of conflict of interest...
  3. Pak News Official

    There is a mafia in every department and Mir Shakeel is the godfather of media- Imran Khan

    Har idaray main chahe woh FBR hi kiun na ho, us main ek mafia mojood hai jo kay us idaray ko istemaal kerta hai paise bananay kay lliye, media ka godfather Mir Shakeel hai
  4. M Ali Khan

    Dawood Ibrahim - two old but imp pieces on him

    obtained from: Portrait of a Don By Ghulam Hasnain (Monthly Newsline Magazine, Sept 2001 edition. Karachi) original link:
  5. Q

    Sugar starts upward trend ahead of Ramazan as mafia active

    With the holy month of Ramazan approaching, the sugar price has started adopting upward trend while the mafia has also started the blame game, as the millers say the stockists have started to hoard the white sweetener while the dealers are of the view that soon after the government allowed...
  6. canadian

    Huqooq Ki Jang, Ba-Izzat Juraim Pesha, Mafia by Orya Maqbool Jan

    Huqooq Ki Jang, Ba-Izzat Juraim Pesha, Mafia by Orya Maqbool Jan 7 September, 2011
  7. Khari Baat

    Khari Baat - 22nd August 2011 - Rana Sana Ullah - Land and Bhatta Mafia

  8. J

    Businessmen Protests Against Zulfiqar Mirza Extortion Mafia

    It is becoming habit of MQM opponents and detractors to distort fact about Karachi and blame MQM for any crime that is happening in Karachi which is not only proved false fabricated and concocted every time but there is also a reason behind those allegations on MQM, to save Real Culprits...
  9. thedude

    Need advice on land mafia in Rawalpindi

    so our property is rented out and the tenants are not paying rent and not leaving the place either ... they might not be armed thugs but they definitely wanna take over the place as owners (by creating fake legal documents etc) my question: is there a way to preemptively avoid that? for...
  10. Aaj Kamran Khan K Sath

    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 19th July 2011 - *Special Series on Corruption - (Land Mafia of Karachi)

  11. Abdali

    Predator Drones and the International Mafia .

    Pakistanis?? Amerika s killing fields in a nation of coward, generals on the pay roll of Pentagones. This article is taken from Foreign Policy journal.Arbitrary extrajudicial executions, carried out at the press of a button from CIA locations in California, with no transparency or...
  12. lllcolumbuslll

    bang e mafia aur bhata jawab e bhata say kuch iqtabasaat...

    شاعر بھتہ مافیا جناب الطاف ٹارگٹکلری عوام کی خدمت میں اپنے اسائلم کی داستان کو اپنی شاعری مٰیں بیان کر رھے ھیں۔ شاعری کا نہ کوئی سر ھے نہ پیر لہذا پڑھنے والوں سے گزارش ھے کہ اس فلسفہ کو سمجھنے کے بجائے ایک ھی دفعہ پڑھ کر ھنس لیں تو کافی ھوگا۔ زیادہ سمجھنے کی کوشش کی تو پیٹ میں مروڑ اٹھہ سکتے ھیں...
  13. M

    Famous drug mafia chief joins MQM

    A good news from Karachi for MQM. A killer, drug mafia, land mafia and Badmash of Keamari (Tapu Area) Sartaj or famous in area "Sartaja" join yesterday MQM. Now for sure MQM will bring Inqilaab by protecting him from the Police. I remind you that in Keamari everybody know this man...
  14. PkRevolution

    No Cash money for Gillani & Zardari Group of Mafia from China. Do not sell JF-17 thunder: China

    No Cash money for Gillani & Zardari Group of Mafia from China. Do not sell JF-17 thunder: China Gillani went to china with stupid suggestions. 1. He wanted cash money from China 2. They can get good price for JF 17 thunder if they sell it. China rejected this suggestion. (I am sure Zardari...
  15. rising.pak

    Nawaz Sharif Expose Bhatta Mafia (MQM) of Karachi 16-May-2011

    ik Shakhs k Hathoo Muddat se Ruswa hai Watan Dunya Bhar main....
  16. biomat

    'Bin Laden body dumped mafia style - little to win back US

  17. PkRevolution

    MQM's Fraud Exposed: Majority in Karachi?? Mafia's census Fraud. How they govern. متحدہ کی مردم شم

    Criminals methods to rule on Major city. May Allah clean our country from all criminals in Pakistan.
  18. Wadaich

    Paid Media or Middle Class Mafia - Munu Bhai