1. Off The Record

    Off The Record - 8th September 2011 - Haroon Rasheed & Dr Amir Liaqat - MQM Alligations & Respose Of

    Full Show http%3A// Youtube Links
  2. jhootaylog

    Mustafa Kamal lied about MQM international secretariat, Kashif Abbasi & Amir Liaqut tell the truth w

    Amir Liaquat On MQM International Secretariat Kashif Abbasi On MQM International Secretariat
  3. Z

    Aamir Liaqat Gathers Ulemas and Get their Opinion on Exposed Video.

    Mufti Muneeb, Thanvi Sahib and other Alims on Aamirs videos. Excellent eye opening conversation.
  4. M

    'Dr' Aamir Liaqat on 4 News (Hilarious!)

  5. maksyed

    Angry youth's reaction on Aamir Liaqat Video

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  6. Adeel

    Dr. Shahid Masood's take on Aamir Liaqat issue

    He asked his viewers on his facebook page a couple of days ago, what is their take on Aamir Liaqat issue and about 99% comments were against Mr Liaqat. Today he responded with the following...
  7. GraanG2

    Aamir Liaqat twist things to make Imran Khan look bad Hypocrisy at its best

    This is an old clip of aamir liaqat where he talked about Imran Khan analysis about World Cup...Listen carefully what ever has he said ,Allah SWT has applied it to him. Jeet hamesha sachchayi ki hi hoti hai. NS ne Imran Khan ki kirdarkushi ki,Kim barkar ke through nanga hogaya. NS ne Imran Khan...
  8. H

    Twin of the Devil a.k.a Aamir Liaqat found in the UK :P

  9. Nawazish

    Quiz Time!! - Who was the Actor Aamir Liaqat was talking about in his video??

    This thread = zakhmoon per namak chirakna But this LUNATIC must be exposed as much as we can. It's about time that we start getting rid of corruption everyone in Pakistan. When it comes to media Dr Fraudia is the start. I personally want to thank everyone, especially the uploader who brought...
  10. zeemeer

    Reaction of Uploader of Aamir Liaqat Video - Challenges who thinks it is fake

  11. Adeel

    An Opportunity for Aamir Liaqat to Prove his Innocence but will he go that route?

    I have talked to a few audio experts and according to all of them, the video & Audio of Aamir Liaqat is 100% Legit. The guy is blatantly lying. The only option for him to save himself is as follows.. If they were fake, all he has to do is go to the court and first of all sue Geo News for...
  12. Narcissist

    Introduction of Aamir Liaqat: Not Just Fake Degree, Fake Character as well

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  13. L

    Amir Liaqat Husain Ki Video asli ya Naqli

    Is Forum Par aik naam se aik Waqt Mein Aik hi thread chalta hay,agar koi dosra us naam se thread post karay,tu usay Modrator Pehlay walay thread k sath milaa detay Hain,But Amir Liaqat Hisain walay Moamlay mein stiation Diffrent hay,Y,is Forum Par kal Se Amir Liaqat Husain K naam se 3,ya 4...
  14. Razzi

    aamir liaqat hussain ki touba or sahaba (RA) se payar tamam mashoor sahaaba ki zindgi pe lecture ser
  15. Adeel

    Facebook Bans Amir Liaqat's thread from our site

    It looks like the thread is banned. You can post it but it wont show on user feed. Me and several other fan page owners have tried this but it wouldnt work. This has never happened before. Other threads work fine except this one. Not sure who is behind this but We reloved the issue by...
  16. J

    Amir Liaqat's reply on leaked video, "The video was dubbed"

  17. mohib

    Amir Liaqat did his Phd in 20 days?

  18. pakiace

    Aamir liaqat Hussain - A Decieving Devil - Insaan ke Roop mein Shaitaan (Must See)

    I urge the moderators not to remove this video - as that will be a direct attack to allow FREEDOM OF TRUTH UPDATED AND REPLACED THE NEW VERSION OF VIDEO PREVIOUSLY BLOCKED BY GEO TV 100% working now - DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO VIA WWW.KEEPVID.COM FOR FREE AND UPLOAD IT EVERY TIME THEY DELETE...
  19. A

    Amir Liaqat exposed!!! dont know why people still like this maloon!!

    I was watching TV the other day and there is huge number of people who consider this Maloon as mujadid or something. People are so much in love with this maloon, I just hate it. Discussions are welcomed. but please no shia-sunni thing.
  20. omerkashmiri

    Pyasa Kawwa--------------Aamir Liaqat, a beautiful column !

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