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    Learn VFX and Video Editing in Urdu

  2. S

    Lecture 01/70 | Learn Quranic Arabic A-Z

    Copied as mentioned by youtube user. Published on Aug 30, 2012 by NAKcollection Download Complete Notes: http://bit.ly/TA3BP6 Dr. Abdus Sami is particularly proud of two of his students: Br. Nouman Ali Khan and Br. Aamir Sohail. Br. Aamir Sohail's method of teaching is truly unique and...
  3. L

    The United States should learn from mistakes it made during the Vietnam War and withdraw from Afghan

    The Tet Offensive's parallels to Afghanistan The United States should learn from mistakes it made during the Vietnam War and withdraw from Afghanistan. The 1968 Tet Offensive opened a 'credibility gap' as Americans began to distrust what they were told about the Vietnam War by officially...
  4. karachiwala

    Pakistani media being paid to learn to speak American

  5. itsnotme90

    College education, the largest scam in U.S. history! - (Can we learn some lesson from this )

  6. Asif shah

    14th August Independence Day for Pakistan and what we can learn from a great leader

    1 inShare 0digg 0 Digg Digg Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three. Stanley Wolpert On December 25, 1876, Mithibai gave birth to a...
  7. S

    London: Muslim & Sikh communities protect each other's worship places from rioters.

    An anti-riot group of Sikhs protected a Mosque whilst Muslims were praying. Both groups also united to protect a Gurdwara in Ilford .
  8. Geek

    Hussani Mubarak behind bars- Jhootay Khudaoun ke leya ibrat naak sabaq

    Tum se phley wo jo shakhs yahan takht nashee'n tha .. osey bhi apney KHUDA honay ka itna hi yaqee'n tha
  9. QaiserMirza

    For those who want to learn Arabic Grammar.

    The following site is a very beneficial linguistic resource which shows the Arabic grammar, syntax and morphology for each word in the Holy Quran. The corpus provides two levels of analysis: morphological annotation and a syntactic treebank. http://corpus.quran.com/
  10. PkRevolution

    Election in Turkey today, Erdogan Promoter of Spirit in Istanbul!!!!!! What our politicians should l

    Turkey: GDP growth 8.9% (2010), Turkey's 2010 GDP growth is highest in Europe. India : 7.8% in (2011), India's 2010-11 GDP at 8.5%; Q4 growth slips to 7.8% China: 9.7% in (2011) Erdogan win in Turkey elections could lead to new constitution. According to surveys: The AKP (Erdogan Party)...
  11. Pakistani1947

    Can we learn some humanity from West?

    Can we learn humanity from West? A Toronto man has been charged with cruelty to animals when he hit racoons (a small wild animal). Two-month-old raccoon will survive and has been taken to a wildlife rehabilitation centre to recover from some broken toes. This news made first page news on...
  12. Kanwal

    Can we learn as a nation from Ants??

  13. haqiqat

    Do we learn any "LESSON" after watching this video. Swear I did

    NO fear or No Shame...?
  14. Adeel

    10 things to learn from Japan‏

    SEE HOW JAPANESE REACTED AFTER THE TSUNAMI DISASTER . A NATION DESERVES FULL RESPECT. WE CAN ALL LEARN FROM THIS CIVILIZATION. 1. THE CALM Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated. 2. THE DIGNITY Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a...
  15. Geek

    Learn to be Taliban: K is for Kalashnikov

    The curriculum celebrated martyrdom and dehumanised invaders. Imagine that you learnt the alphabet and numbers with images of Kalashnikovs and tanks instead of apples and oranges. During the mid to late 1980s, a USAID funded project printed millions of textbooks in Peshawar. The funds came...