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  1. Usama Iqbal Khawaja

    Why was Maleeha Lodhi replaced as Pakistan Representative from UN?. Inside story by Sami Abraham

  2. Adeelsaleem

    Dr Babar Awan bashes Nawaz Shareef hypocrisy over India and presents a solution for Charsadda kind o

  3. iphone5

    Number One For Me - Inspiratinal & Worth Watching

    Number One For Me - Lyrics: I was a foolish little child Crazy things I used to do And all the pain I put you through Mama now I'm here for you For all the times I made you cry The days I told you lies Now it's time for you to rise For all the things you sacrificed Oh, if I could turn back...
  4. I

    Here's what Imran Khan has done.Why we should definitly support him.

    Dear all, I think there are many good reasons to choose imran khan and support him. Lets forget about how it will happen that Imran Khan will form the government. We don't need a politician, we need a truthful and honest leader who is sensible and is capable of planning and realizing the core...