1. L

    Three Options Karachiites have to save their lives. Karachi Businessmen decided to take Arms.(Goli k

    Geo news presented three options for Karachi Citizens to save their lives as Karachi businessmen tired of BHATTA and BHATTA MAFIA THREATS decided to take arms and said enough is enough now they will fight back on the principle of "Goli Ka Jawab Goli".
  2. lafatah

    How many Karachiites here support MQM

    No finger pointing and no accusation. We all know what is happening and have our opinions about it. Well I am a 28yo from Karachi and if someone wants to categorize me they can call me "Urdu Speaking" and I dont support the MQM. I will never vote for them. Most of my friends (70%) are of the...
  3. lafatah

    Karachiites cant vote !

    I know many members here must be thinking that 1500 people have died in karachi and still the public is not doing anything and what more, that most probably the same parties will win the election in Karachi again. First not everyone is Karachi is a MQM or ANP voter. Infact most people are...
  4. Ammad Hafeez

    Duck Sauce [ ft. Karachiites ] - Karachi City

    I LOVE MY Karachi City ?
  5. I

    Karachi Waloo Jago Is se pahle buhat der ho jai-MUST READ BY EVERY KARACHIITES

    MQM is sole responsible of the situation in Karachi. They know, control and claim 90% of karachi. Please refresh your minds and remember the day of May 12. They paralise the city with no time, one part of the city they were doing blood shed and other part of city they conduct a big procession...