judicial commission

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    Supreme Court to make a commission on Panama Case?

  2. S

    JC Exposed Again, Cheap Justice doesn't Know What is Law?

    Just read another funny point in JC report, according to TOR 3, JC was suppose to tell: "TOR 3(a) whether or not the general elections 2013 were organized and conducted impartially, honestly, fairly, justly and in accordance with the law?" But cleverly the JC in it's report has stated: "What...
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    New Case in Judicial Commision

    Few weeks back a case led to the formation of another Judicial Commission (JC). There was an event that took placed, however, at the end of the event there was a dispute between two parties about what happened during the event. The two parties involved, have set the following three TORs for the...
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    Sharif Court Of Pakistan.

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