1. babag763

    Riyasat Farhan Shabbir Kay Saath Episode-01

  2. U

    Nusrat javaid is honest but Najam sethi is not : Haroon rasheed

    ON his web site Haroon ur Rasheed replied to a question by a member regarding Nusrat javaid and Najam sethi . . . . .. Bilal8/16/2011 6:19:10 PM AOA,Why People like Najam Sethi, Nusrat Javed, are against Imran Khan.? DO you think they do it only for ratings of their programs because the...
  3. Brave Heart

    "Laal Topi Wala Maskhara" - Nusrat Javaid's Column on Zaid Hamid

    Is Nusrat Javaid drunk while writing this column? check this column of express news today
  4. D

    Ager Mai Balochi Hota Tou Separation Ka elan ker deta - Javaid Hashmi's another "shagoofa"

    could not find the full news on net but the print of this news heading is below this news came in nawaiwaqt page number one on 17th august... this news in brief says that javaid hashmi said that if he was a balochi he would also rise up against pakistan and work for free homeland,,than...
  5. K

    Road named after Dr.Allama Iqbal in Germany. Dr. javaid Iqbals massage for youth !

    Please klick the link and you will get the details. The title is, the Moment of...

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