1. Digital_Pakistani

    Intolerant India, Economist Magazine.

    How one man @narendramodi could push a country’s image from shinning to intolerant. Leaders are very important. They set the tone. Thank God, we have a peace lover. Shahbaz Gil.
  2. M Ali Khan

    Barelvi group forbids Sikhs from entering their own temple on Shab Barat By Abdul Manan Published: July 17, 2011 A policeman stands guard at a Sikh temple that a group claims is the burial site of a Muslim saint. PHOTO...
  3. dukelondon

    Why do they pick on us Pakistanis? - Dr Hood Bhai

    Why do they pick on us Pakistanis? The writer teaches physics at Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. These remarks are excerpted from a recent talk he gave in Washington DC to Pakistani professionals settled in America My green passport requires standing in a separate immigration line...

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