1. next2saint

    True Enemies of Pakistan? External or Internal???

    come and think of it... how did Pakistan suffer more in collateral damage? is it due to external wars (both with india so far) or is it due to internal wars (ethinic, shia-sunni mullaism, gangsters (political), war on terror (our army on civil land) etc) do we ever think before killing a...
  2. S

    No NoC, no travel Govt clips diplomats wings - Pakistan restricts US diplomats' internal travel

    ISLAMABAD, July 30: Strict enforcement of travel restrictions on diplomats based in Pakistan has escalated tensions with the United States and the issue is threatening to turn into another major diplomatic spat between the two. For now the two are, for the second time this year, wrangling over...
  3. Geek

    Leave Kashmir alone and focus on internal problems: Manmohan tells Pakistan

    NEW DELHI: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed hope that Pakistan will leave Kashmir alone, as it has its own share of internal problems to deal with, in an interview on Wednesday. In a meeting with editors of a select five Indian newspapers on Wednesday, he claimed that Pakistan had...
  4. mohib

    MQM will be back and Internal power struggle in MQM

  5. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 20th June 2011 - Babar Sattar, Gen. Hamid Nawaz - Biggest Threat external or Internal

  6. simple_and_peacefull

    Conspiracy theories: Is the hidden hand Indian, internal or existential?

    A plume of smoke rises from the background as a military official uses a phone at the entrance to the Mehran naval aviation base which was attacked by militants on Sunday at 11 pm. Militants attacked the base, killing at least 10 people, officials said, the latest attack on a heavily guarded...

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