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    Data management is increasingly important in today's digital era, as organizations are collecting and storing more data than ever before. Effective data management enables organizations to make better use of their data and gain valuable insights that can inform business decisions and drive...
  2. A

    عمران ، باجوہ اور مافیا، اگلا راونڈ

    اگلا راونڈ کوئی کہتا ہے سیاست میں ٹائمنگ ہی سارا کچھ ہوتی ہے ،ٹائمنگ کی بنیاد پر کیا عجیب و غریب سازشی تھیوریاں تیار ہوتی ہیں، اب اصلی اور بڑی تبدیلی والا نومبر ہی دیکھ لیجئے، تبدیلی والا نومبر ہو اور اسلام آبادمیں دھرنا نہ ہو۔ دھرنے سے پہلے ایک ماحول بنانا بھی ضروری ہے۔ مولوی فضل الرحمن سارا...
  3. A

    Govt responsible for making COAS extention controversial says Barrister Saif

  4. Abu Abdul Samad Khan

    Globalization and Role of Media

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  5. crankthskunk

    SC request Information from Public

    I think after years of dithering, CJ has finally decided to charge some people with contempt of Court. SC has issued request for information. The second request is about advertisement or funds made available by someone to conduct propaganda against SC.
  6. mrbaig

    Car don provides more information but feels disappointed - Where is judiciary?
  7. C

    Press Information Department Billions Scandal

  8. Bilal_Mushi

    Sharif brothers involved in corruption: Sindh Minister for Information

    Sharif brothers involved in corruption, says Sharjeel He asked how much factories they owned before 1985. Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Memon said Shareef Brothers were involved in corruption. He alleged that they had posted their favorite persons on important seats. He said...
  9. biomat

    2012 Truth Revealed (All Information Here)

  10. hans

    some information on Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) / Booby Traps.

    IED Overview An IED can be almost anything with any type of material and initiator. It is a “homemade” device that is designed to cause death or injury by using explosives alone or in combination with toxic chemicals, biological toxins, or radiological material. IEDs can be produced in...
  11. A

    Raymond Davis was gold mine of information Husain Haqqani may be replaced, Foreign agents in panic, some on the run Raymond Davis was gold mine of information Several arrests made after Davis startling disclosures, Lead helped smash anti-Pakistan networks, Over 330 US dubious nationals...
  12. Z

    Fozia Wahab MNA Secretary information PPP personal attack on a Student