1. A

    England Blasts India's False Hopes!

    pbuh(clap) England Blasts India's False Hopes! -DR. ABDUL RUFF _____________ [India as well as other nations must stipulate the term for every cricket player at international level and something not exceeding 5 years should be the maximum limit. Lifelong or unlimited period...
  2. News Watch

    News Watch - 30th June 2011 - Rigging in the AJK elections, New Laws in Cricket & Hopes of Manmohan

  3. simple_and_peacefull

    Abbottabad hopes for bumper tourist season

    source of news : the express tribune dated : 16/5/11 Officials say the Bin Laden episode might not dampen the inflow of tourists. PHOTO:AFP ABBOTABAD: Hoteliers in Abbottabad are hoping that Osama bin Ladens killing does not affect tourism in the city. Officials say the Bin Laden...
  4. K

    HOPES with FEARS

    HOPES Imran Khan seems the only leader in pakistan who can address all the present problems and issues of pakistan fairly and sincerely. He is intelligent, brave, strong will, vibrant, and capable personality, which has all ingredients of becoming prime minister of Pakistan. I have no doubt...