1. M Ali Khan

    The Dutch Elections and the Looming Crisis

    Geert Wilders, the nationalist candidate for prime minister of the Netherlands, lost the election on March 15. This has brought comfort to those who opposed him and his views on immigration and immigrants. It is odd that they should be comforted. Ten years ago, it would have been difficult to...
  2. PkRevolution

    Muslims in Europe under serious threat of NAZI terrorists. German NPD, british EDL, Holland, Finland

    They propagate lot against muslims organisations but they never ban their terrorist organisations. Oslo killer was against muslims but he killed christians, why?? He said: To get the attention of Europeans against Islamisation of Europe. Oslo killer was just a spark. Hundred thousands of...
  3. karachiwala

    Holland: 1 years imprisonment for blasphemy against Islam

  4. Geek

    ISLAMAPHOBIA IN EUROPE - Halal and Kosher slaughter ban in Holland