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    The U.S. Govt. is in the Gun, Drug & Prison Business

    The U.S. Govt. Has Been Complicit In Gun & Drug Running For Decades Barry Seal -- gunrunner, drug trafficker, and covert C.I.A. operative extraordinaire -- is hardly a familiar name in American politics. But nine years after he was murdered in a hail of bullets by Medellin cartel hit men...

    I have a gun and I'm not afraid to use it

  3. student

    Koran-Burning Pastor's Gun Discharges Outside of Detroit TV Station

    Police were called Thursday night after Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones accidentally discharged his firearm in the parking lot of a television station, where he had just conducted an interview, reported. "Pastor Terry Jones just discharged his firearm in our parking lot,"...
  4. biomat

    Laser gun fired from US navy ship

    11 April 2011 Last updated at 11:47 GMT Laser gun fired from US navy ship Please turn on JavaScript. Media requires...
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    Refused a smooch, 92-year-old woman fires gun? - Dil Hona Chahiay Jawan,Umar Mein Kiya Para Hay

    Refused a kiss, 92-year-old woman fires gun -police ,,ST. PETERSBURG (Reuters) - Helen Staudinger, 92, wanted a kiss, and authorities say she wouldn't take no for an answer. The central Florida woman fired a semi-automatic pistol four times at her 53-year-old neighbor's house after he refused...
  6. biomat

    SMOKING GUN on MAN MADE Earthquakes! March 20, 2011