1. zinh

    If Bilawal Loves slip ups so much, he should watch this

  2. Sohail Shuja

    Munich suicide bomb plot: police hunt Isis suspects behind New Year's Eve threat

    German authorities receive foreign intelligence tipoff warning that up to seven suicide bombers would attack two of the citys train stations Police in Munich are hunting Islamic State suspects after a foreign intelligence agency warned of a concrete plan to send suicide bombers to the citys...
  3. G

    Human Rights / Democracy Expert needed for a German Organistaion

    A German Organisation is looking for Human Rights and Democracy expert for Pakistan. The project is home based for 4 weeks and compensation is good. I know I will find many siasat experts in this group that is why I am sharing it here. I am new here and I don't know if I am allowed to share...
  4. M Ali Khan

    German man regrets joining Taliban

    German Taliban 'put off by dirt and violence' Published: 2 Nov 12 07:41 CET A German man who ran away to join the Taliban told a court this week how he had a horrible time in the Pakistani borderlands and was happy to be back home – even though he now faces a prison term...
  5. A

    Europe and Euro Crisis

    Europe and Euro Crisis DR. ABDUL RUFF ---------- The simmering battle between USA and European Union on the worth of their respective currencies, dollar and Euro seems to be never ending, even though Washington is making all possible efforts to use NATO terror operations in...
  6. S

    Pakistani Guy on a bicycle tour from Germany to Pakistan

    Came across an interesting facebook page of this Pakistani guy "Kamran Ali" who is, at the moment, on a bike tour from Rostock, Germany to his hometown Layyah, Pakistan. Kamran is a PhD in Computer Science working in a software firm in Germany. His tour started on June 2, 2011 and right now...
  7. A

    Germany confirms human E. coli transmission. 40 died of the new strain

    ........................ Do read this aljazeera link for details. Video:
  8. biomat

    False Flag Imminent 26 June 2011 Germany?
  9. PkRevolution

    Outbreak of E.coli-infection (EHEC-infection) bacterium in Europe. 6 died in Germany, more than 1000

    These bacteria usually infect from food or other sources (Tomato, Cucumber, salat). Germans confirm bacteria spread from Spain. Video: German institute find Spanish cucumbers with EHEC-bactera...
  10. K

    17 people converted to Islam on open Stage On 20 April 2011 in Frankfurt Germany

    On 20.04.2011, Frankfurt, Germany, Vogel Pieere converted 17 young people to Islam. Vogel pieere and his coligues are very active to counter the brutel media war against Islam. He is spreading the real PEACEFUL Quran and Sunna ! In this open air Islamic...
  11. K

    Road named after Dr.Allama Iqbal in Germany. Dr. javaid Iqbals massage for youth !

    Please klick the link and you will get the details. The title is, the Moment of...
  12. awan4ever

    In Germany you have to pay for the garbage you throw out. That is why they recycle everything!

    In Germany, the city weighs your garbage and charges you $4 per kilogram (!) As a result, people recycle and compost almost *everything*. You need a permit to throw out furniture (once per year, max)...