1. A

    Pakistan's 5th generation fighter jet confirmed

  2. H

    Azizi Answer to Marvi Sarmad [Two Nation Theory Importance (for new pakistani generation)]

  3. Geek

    Parenting the digital generation

    It is normal now days to see very young children in Pakistan confidently operating technology, possessing cell phones and using social media. A seventh grader can multi tasking; constantly uses SMS to communicate, spending a lot of time online, staying connected with people through the social...
  4. awan4ever

    Pakistans' Power Generation Capacity and the Rental Power Farce. Pakistan has three sources of energy, namely hydel, thermal (gas/ steam/ furnace oil) and nuclear. There are four major power producers in country: WAPDA (Water &...
  5. simple_and_peacefull

    Punjab all set for new power generation dept

    source link : the express tribune dated : 30/4/11 LAHORE: Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Friday announced his governments decision to set up a new department to take up power generation projects in the province. Shahbaz said a separate department was needed following the Council of...
  6. Waseem

    Lush language: new words for a new generation

    Lush language: new words for a new generation Ayesha Fazlur Rahman Time is short. Life is full. Too much to share. Lets micro-communicate. Say it all, in a few words. The new micro-lingo seems to be a word-conservation drive, where you pack a lot of meaning into a few catchy...
  7. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 6th April 2011 - Waseem Akhter - What Our Political Leaders Have Given To Young Gener

  8. haqiqat

    The settlers the next generation

    AND THE LORD SAID UNTO MOSES; THOU SHALT NOT KILL! SO WE NEED ANOTHER 20 BILLION DOLLAR$ TO ARM OUR KIDS ~~~ Crazed Israeli soldiers set the example the hatred is reinforced at home and the following is what we witness; another generation of hatred on the way up . ~~~ ~~~...