1. ب

    Edward Snowden on what governments do to their ppl.

    Pls watch the video & listen to what this Champion of a guy says. He took the bullet for his country while standing up to the most powerful government of the world. It’s not the government who has to control its ppl but ppl have to control the government. Blind support for governments from...
  2. U

    50,000 fighters from Balochistan are ready to fight in Kashmir against India - Shahzain Bugti

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  3. PFMMedia

    Join us to fulfill Quaids Vision - Pakistan Freedom Movement to embark on Quaids vision for Pakistan

    “Pakistan Freedom Movement” does not relent to this fate of Jinnah’s Pakistan. We are motivated by a deep desire to bring whatever skills we possess and whatever resources we can harness to help narrow the growing economic and social divides that run through the heart of our country and severely...
  4. Matie Khan

    The Power Of Freedom - An ISPR Official Presentation

  5. Antiam

    Afghan baqi kuhsar baqi

    رواں سال5جنوری کوصوبہ قندہارکے تمام اضلاعکےجہادی رہنماؤں اورمجاہدین کامشترکہ اجلاس ہواجس میں ماہنامہ الصمودکےنمائندے نے بھی شرکت کی، اس مشاورتی اورتربیتی اجلاس کے ضمن میں ماہنامہ الصمودکے نمائندے نے قندہارکے بعض اضلاع کے رہنماؤں سے بات چیت کی ۔قارئین کی دلچسپی کے لئےاسے مختصراندازمیں مرتب...
  6. Khansaber

    Lets see how Far Freedom of Expression Go Now..

    Now it's getting REALLY dirty: Outrageous film claiming Obama's mother once posed for pornographic pictures is sent to a MILLION swing voters The film claims that Mr Obama's real father is left wing poet and Communist party activist, Frank Marshall Davis 100,000 copies of the DVD, containing...
  7. Front Line

    Front Line - 6th Sep 2011 - Marvi Sarmad & Mufti Abdul Qavi - Personal Freedom, State and Religion

  8. Wadaich

    Lybia: Establishment Media Re-Brands Racist, Bloodthirsty Rebels as Freedom Fighters

    NY Times, BBC label Belhaj grateful ally of the west as his fighters incarcerate, torture and kill black Libyans Paul Joseph Watson Monday, September 5, 2011 Western-backed Al-Qaeda rebels are preparing to subvert the post-Gaddafi government in Libya according to...
  9. Wadaich

    Thousands of Kashmiris Poured into the Streets, Shouting, We Want Freedom!

    SRINAGAR: Thousands of demonstrators on Wednesday staged noisy anti-India protests in revolt-hit Kashmir after prayers to mark the end of the Muslim fasting month of Ramazan. Thousands of Muslims poured into the streets, shouting, “We want freedom!” and “Allah is great,” after offering Eid...
  10. sarbakaf

    Religious FREEDOM in india
  11. Wadaich

    Indian Army's War Crimes in Occupied Kashmir - Live Shooting on an unarmed Innocent Kashmiri!

    Indian Army soldiers accompanied by a senior officer are shooting from point blank an unarmed man in Pulwama district on July 8, 2011. This is the clear evidence of the war crimes committed by Indian soldiers in Kashmir. An unarmed man is clearly seen waving his hand and he can be heard shouting...
  12. Sawal Yeh Hai

    Sawal ye Hai - 14th August 2011 - Orya Maqbol Jan - Today once again we have to get freedom?

  13. O

    Freedom at Midnight - Why we celebrate 14th August as Pakistani Independence Day & 15th August as In

    I believe we got freedom at Midnight. i.e. 12.00.01 am of 15th August 1947. So why we celebrate 14th August as Pakistani Independence Day and 15th August as India's Independance Day? Is it the first seed of difference in our thinking?
  14. Keepinformed

    Najam Sethi : Beacon of Truth and Freedom of Human Rights

    This is biography of one of the true hero journalists of Pakistan. Without them and a few others Pakistan would have long eaten up by Generals and Politicians. Its the brave forces like these that truly possess the ability to convey the truth. Truth hurts and hurts even more when you have been...
  15. L

    Freedom of expression subverted in Israel, US

    Both the US Congress and Israel's Knesset have passed profoundly anti-democratic measures in recent months. The French ship "Dignite al Karama" - trailed by Israeli ships above - was taken over by Israeli sailors in international waters, but many other boats in the so-called "Freedom...

    PPP Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza attacks on Press Freedom

    Mirza on 1st day of assuming sr. minister slot attacks press freedom
  17. L

    Pakistan The Last Fortress For True Freedom In The World (Must Watch)

  18. hans

    Hitlers freedom from International Debt Slavery

    An interesting perspective on World War II, and the players involved. Many people take joy in saying Wall Street and Jewish bankers financed Hitler. There is plenty of documented evidence that Wall Street and Jewish bankers did indeed help finance Hitler at first, partly because it...
  19. News Night With Talat

    News Night with Talat Hussain - 24th June 2011 - Freedom Flotilla----- Voyage of Victory

  20. Night_Hawk

    Pencil Sketches: Poineers of Freedom

    Wonderful Pencil Ketches of Pioneer of Freedom. Enjoy the Art Work.