1. A

    People in Lahore ready to enjoy free WIFI service

  2. ActionPredictor

    Pepsi delivery truck fell on its side, Filipino locals took advantage

  3. hans

    A Road Map to Success

    I just love allegorical maps like these, if only for their delightfully straightforward semiotics. This map of the Road to Success depicts an actual road, winding up to success signified by a lyre. Take a Hard look !!!!
  4. Nawazish

    Free Soloing

  5. D

    For every runaway bride, a virgin free

    For every runaway bride, a virgin free BEIJING: Marriage bureaus in China are promising a Vietnamese virgin woman free to Chinese men if the wives they bought from the neighbouring country go missing. Matchmaking agencies' posted new advertisements on telegraph poles stating that people can...
  6. junaids

    Free from debt: Faithful Muslims live full life without paying any interest Free from debt: Faithful Muslims live full life without paying any interest Published: Friday, Aug. 19, 2011 7:05 p.m. MDT By Hal Boyd, Deseret News 0 comments...
  7. zeemeer

    Over 1 Million Students to Get Free Genuine Microsoft software

    Microsoft Pakistan, in collaboration with HEC, has launched National Student Software Accessibility Portal (NSSA) – a service that will streamline software distribution to all students and faculty members of public sector universities under the Higher Education Commission (HEC) umbrella. All...
  8. hans

    Visa-free travel... countries one can go with out visa.

    The wanderers Visa-free travel AFGHANS hoping to embark on a grand tour of Europe, or any other continent in fact, are likely to find their wanderlust curtailed by immigration officials. According to an index compiled annually by Henley & Partners, a law firm, natives of Kabul, Baghdad...
  9. WatanDost

    Justice of America, Abu Gharib Culprit Set free.

    This is so called Justice of Fu.cking America. I used to say and believe so that Human Rights are not for Muslims even for Animals they have human rights but in case you are Muslim you deserve to be tortured or to be killed but no Rights. Dr. Aafia is a Prime Example. But this American Dog who...
  10. H

    Inside defense budget: a story about how our military distributed free kerosene oil for 25 years?

    In 1972 Pakistan aeronautical complex karma was made in district attock. At that time there was no gas facility in the area .for this military started distributing free kerosene oil to every soldier. 20 liter of free oil was provided to every soldier and officer after one month. In 1980 gas...
  11. A

    Col. Qaddafi Makes Libya Free from Enemies

    Col. Qaddafi Makes Libya Free from Enemies :mash: -DR. ABDUL RUFF ------------------ Libya is facing tow sets of enemy- the Obama led NATO terror syndicate and CIA inspired terrorists inside Libya and both target Libyan people and resources for USA. Both consume eat...
  12. L

    Who is getting free money from America? (Must Watch)

    A pro Israeli advocate knocked a camera out of the hands of Alison Weir, President of the Council for the National Interest Foundation. The group just finished their press conference on what they call unjustifiable US Aid to Israel. The two sides met when the Press Club scheduled a pro Israeli...
  13. gazoomartian

    America's Debacle - Debt Ceiling - Full Control By Free Masons

    Gazoo Notes: Sorry folks that its too long. Read only if you are interested in these stuff. But when it comes to US drowning in the quicksand of Free Masons, we should not expect small stories. Uncle Sam, aap khud bhi doobey awr doosron ko bhi dubaya Any ways, read onthis article just...
  14. hans

    Saudi Arabias Free Hand out to its local citizen... result are showing up.

    Saudi Arabias Domestic Crude Consumption Increases 11% in May <<<< When you try to suppress Democratic movement by giving free handout of Billions of $$$ this is what happens, every one have a few Gas guzzler Car or Van, every one has a few A/C and every one worldly needs increases many...
  15. Fursan

    Spirit of Swat: British skydivers set free fall world record

    SWAT: The Spirit of Swat festival, which is currently taking place under the aegis of the Pakistan Army presented a colourful and energetic event on Saturday, which included several thrilling activities.
  16. WatanDost

    Monthly 30 Million Litre DUTY FREE Fuel Given to NATO, PPP Government.

  17. jootaymaro

    Wake Up Pakistan: Billionaires enjoy taxes free life in Pakistan.

  18. Bilal_Mushi

    US pressures Pakistan to free Dr Shakil Afridi

    US pressures Pakistan to free Dr Shakil Afridi Updated at: 0700 PST, Wednesday, July 13, 2011 LONDON: US is pressing Pakistan to release a doctor being held for helping the CIA track down Osama bin Laden, a UK paper said in its report. Dr Shakil Afridi was arrested by Inter-Services...
  19. 9

    My Services For Pakistan Cricket Are Free But PCB Is Not Interested: Wasim Akram

    A charity dinner arranged in London for the flood affectees of Pakistan was headed by the former fast bowling legend of Pakistan i.e. Wasim Akram. The dinner was all ok and appreciated but some strange conversations were there. Like Wasim Akram stated that his services for Pakistan cricket were...
  20. J

    Historical Free Education Of A Jamaati By Raza Haroon رگڑے پہ رگڑا

    رگڑے پہ رگڑا دے رگڑا