1. Jams123

    Imran slammed US role in Pakistan: WikiLeaks

    Updated at: 1837 PST, Sunday, September 04, 2011 WASHINGTON: Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan had described the role being played by the US in Pakistan as dangerous and urged modification in the same, according to a US diplomatic cable disclosed by a whistleblower WikiLeaks. The Leak said...
  2. Centennial73

    Altaf Hussain finally admitting that MQM is involved in politics of bodybags(bori mein lash) Altaf bai , MQM's absconding pir hiding in London finally accepts that his terror gang MQM have been involved in politics of bodybags(bori mein lash) and have killed hundreds and thousands of innocent Karachiites. Politics of body bags is the...
  3. L

    Finally Zafar Qureshi given charge of NICL Case Investigation 11 August 2011

  4. Bilal_Mushi

    MQM finally agrees to Karachis deweaponisation

    MQM agrees to Karachi’s ‘deweaponisation’ By Raja Asghar | From the Newspaper “Whatever the National Assembly decides I will be with you,” MQM parliamentary leader Farooq Sattar told the house on Friday while referring to proposals of “deweaponise” Karachi and sending a parliamentary...
  5. L

    Pakistan Finally Condemned Fai's Arrest in US

  6. B

    Aisam ul haq and Bopanna won the Weber open title - Finally the Indo Pak Pair won - Alhamdulillah Aisaam ul haq and bopanna won the weber open title
  7. Z

    Pak army has finally realised that imran khan is right

    The COAS said far as drone attacks are concerned, the Army has repeatedly conveyed to all concerned that these are not acceptable under any circumstances. There is no room for ambiguity in this regard.
  8. Rathore

    Hasan Nisar Finally Admits the height of Musharraf's personality

  9. Bilal_Mushi

    Breaking News : Govt Finally Annouces Abbottabad Episode Independent Commiission

    Breaking News : Govt Finally Announces Abbottabad Episode Independent Commission Details to follow............. according to Geo News. Justice Javed Iqbal to head 5 member commission. Other members includes Retd. Justice Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim , Ex-IG Abbas Khan, General (r)Nadeem Ahmed and...
  10. A

    Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chairman Aamir Khan finally released from Karachi jai Mohajir leader Aamir Khan released from Karachi jail KARACHI: Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chairman Amir Khan has been released from Central Jail on Monday. It should be mentioned here that Amir Khan was arrested in May 2003, after which he...
  11. B

    Fatah - Hamas finally United against the common Enemy.

    Muslims need to be United by all means..............
  12. sherazopel

    Finally A Pakistani discovered a madicine for every problem (Very Funy)

    Finally A Pakistani discovered a madicine for every problem (Very Funy)
  13. karachiwala

    Obama condemns Quran burning bigotry - FINALLY HE SAYS SOMETHING

    The desecration of any holy text, including the Quran, is an act of extreme intolerance and bigotry, Obama said in a statement honoring those killed in the attacks. - Photo by AP WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama on Saturday condemned a US pastors burning of the Quran, after violent protests...
  14. biomat

    nuclear plant chief WEPT as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious

    The moment nuclear plant chief WEPT as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 5:47 PM on 18th March 2011 Officials admit they may have to bury reactors under concrete - as happened at Chernobyl Government...
  15. R

    Good news.. Port Grand Food Street [Karachi] finally opening

    A project started under Musharraf rule was to be completed sometime back but due to delay caused by PPP govt. it was almost shelved alongwith other projects[IT Towers, Karachi] due to PPP's nefarious intent. But finally it got completed after 4 years, is said to bring some good news[which is...