1. A

    Pakistan's 5th generation fighter jet confirmed

  2. L

    'Russian Stealth' fighter 1st public flight

  3. pakiace

    Chinas J-10B Fighter To Pakistan Worries India

    The recent official offer of the Chinese to raise a squadron of its home-grown advanced multi-role, all-weather fighter aircraft J-10B to Pakistan has worried Indian defence experts. Pakistan will be the only other country apart from China to have this sophisticated fighter aircraft. Air...
  4. digitalzygot

    NZ MP hails Osama as freedom fighter

    WELLINGTON: An outspoken New Zealand Maori politician has praised slain al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden as a freedom fighter who stood up for his people. Independent MP Hone Harawira said the positive aspects of bin Laden's life needed to be acknowledged and urged people not to damn the Al-Qaeda...
  5. digitalzygot

    USAF trials biofuel in F22 fighter

    State of the art jet aircraft successfully completes supersonic flight on a biofuel blend It's not only on land that governments and industry are looking to cut carbon emissions, but in the air as well. The US Air Force alternative fuels program has taken a leap forward with an F-22 Raptor...
  6. haqiqat

    the guy who shot down the libyan fighter get