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    MQM services in Educational development Services for Karachi and Muhajir

    Well-done MQM HEC commission identified eight institutes whose degree-awarding status it refused to recognise. These include My University, The Dar-ul-Madina International University, South Asian Strategic Institute University and Capital University in Islamabad while those in Karachi are...
  2. Machar

    By Election Campaign : Imran Khan Talks To Media in Lahore - 20th August 2013

  3. atensari

    جعلی ڈگری والوں کا ایچ ای سی پر حملہ

  4. manahalali

    PM addresses Jamshed Dasti's election rally.

    MUZAFFARGARH: Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Tuesday said that PPP has always rejected deals and back doors and came into power only with the support of the people. He was addressing a big gathering at Faisal stadium organized as part of election campaign of Jamshed Dasti who is...