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    Punjab Govt Removed Islamic Chapters from Syllabus

    BREAKING NEWS : PMLN Conspiracy against Islam , Pakistan and Quiad-e-azam ( Please do comment ) Punjab excludes Islamic subjects from Matric book The Punjab government has excluded several key subjects from the fresh 10th class Urdu text book edition published in February 2013 which is now...
  2. atensari

    Appeal of a conscious daughter to nation - Ansar Abbasi

  3. Waseem

    Rich Muslim vows to pay all French burka fines

    Flamboyant Rachid Nekkaz pledges 1m to pay fines of French Muslim women caught wearing the full veil On the eve of tomorrow's Bastille Day celebrations, there is more revolution in the air in France and this time the ringleader is a flamboyant Muslim businessman called Rachid Nekkaz. The...
  4. atensari

    Darkness behind Enlighten Moderation