1. K

    What does it really mean to be 'normal' ?

    It is a common phrase in our societies: Act normal. Often, we overlook the actual meaning of this supposedly average word. But, when one really ponders, they are ought to be stuck at what truly is the definition of normal. Generally, it is defined as people conforming to the norms of society...
  2. C

    Diamond in the Coal"- Story of lady from sindh meet through Social media

    "Diamond in the Coal" . Few years ago, one lady from Sindh, Pakistan send me friend request but I didn't accept it for time being, then after few months, I thought Let me add her may be she know me. I don't use Facebook frequently but one day I text her if ME: "I know you". She said; "No I...
  3. vote4pti

    Google Doodle on Pakistan's Independence day - Thank you GOOGLE! :-)

    Thank You GOOGLE! You are better than our government! At least you are doing what you can do for Pakistan! Visit: or
  4. maksyed

    Enlightened Moderate Media and Pakistani Culture and Society

  5. GraanG2

    Nawaz Sharif ki Indian Wafad se Mulaqat...Comments about Religion,Culture,and Two Nation Theory.

    Ok here is the clips of What Nawaz Sharif said while addressing the delegation from India.Decide for yourself...I think He was trying to be over friendly.Please avoid abusive language ,just analyze and let the members decide.Thanks.
  6. canadian

    Two opposites: hate and culture !!

    Two opposites: hate and culture Posted By Khaled Ahmed These days we hate America. The state encourages us to think that the United States is involved in terrorism in league with India and Israel. Hate is intensified by the joining of three categories: India, which doesn't like having us...
  7. Ammad Hafeez

    Peoples Aman Committee (PPP) owns the Bori band Lashen & Torture Cell Culture

  8. MileStone

    Culture vs. Islam - Bid'ah - Shaikh Yasir Qadhi - The Deen Show

    Culture vs. Islam - Bid'ah - Shaikh Yasir Qadhi - The Deen Show Please watch this show to get clarification that there are lot of things we do (specially people from sub-continent) and think it is Islam but actually we are just following the culture. Shaikh Yasir Qadhi was born in Houston, TX...
  9. fahid_asif

    Which culture you like most?

    I am Punjabi, but i really love balochi.:);)
  10. ahmadalikhan

    Fire in Geo News Room...! Hor karo Indian culture promote

    6th floor totally destroyed....Geo is giving news itself. Its disastrous. Head office of Geo in Karachi is on temporary transmission on GEO TV GEO WALE TAUBA KARAIN AB.
  11. Ammad Hafeez

    PML-N brought Kalashnikov culture in Pakistan: Rehman Malik

  12. hans

    Pakistani origin Dad charged with murdering reluctant bride... ATLANTA, Georgia

    Why do Men from Pakistan... try to resolve there Domestic Problem through Brute Violence? Ref to web link for actual Police Report "Honor killings" -- the slaying by family members of a woman or girl thought to be...
  13. W

    Compete and defeat India in education, developing industries and mainly corruption

    We put our utmost efforts to beat & defeat India in “ Khail (Cricket)”, without understanding that this is simply a Khail Tamasha, which proves that we are Tamashbeen and not a real patriot. Being a wise nation, we have to compete and try to defeat India in the field like education, development...
  14. Reporter

    Reporter - 12th April 2011 - Pakistan's Politics and Culture of Tolerance

  15. Narcissist

    Lahore's New Cafe Culture

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