corrupt journalists

  1. Dostonkadost

    Which Journalist is most Lifafa and Corrupt ... Vote or Respond

    Please name your top 3 Corrupt So-called-Journalists My Listing is : 1. Hamid Mir (Direct decedent of Mir Jaffar) 2. Javed Ch 3. Talat Hussain
  2. AhmadSaleem264

    Jang and Ansar Abbasi lying in favor of Tariq Bajwa, Corrupt Media

    Today Jang published a news by Ansar Abbasi defending Tariq bajwa and presenting him as an honest officer who was removed because he refused to protect the corruption of govt and again instead of giving any evidences the news was from some anonymous sources. Here I am sharing the news and old...
  3. M

    Cartoon of the Day - Pakistani News Papers (update Daily)