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    Haroon Rasheed Comments On Imran Khan's Political Strategy

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  2. qamar_zaman

    Please comment, all time apple of an eye Hina Rubani Khar

    Hina Rubani Khar has any secret in her bag that has made her apple of every government eye
  3. A

    CHOUDHAREEEZ K LIYE BURI NEWS YA GOVT. K LIYEE ,.... comment plzzz zafar qureshi wapis agya jiss ko choudhareez kehty thy unn se personal grudge hai zafar ko ... ab kya hoga choudhareez ... monis ki to bajjj gai ... GILANI ki kya okaat reh gai yaar ...
  4. janbazali

    My Analysis of coming month.....please comment

    My Analysis of coming month On the basis of current situation, I think the MQM is given the license of creating Libya type situation in Karachi by their masters The plan is to create the situation where citizens start protests in the city, and specially target the forces and challenge the...
  5. karachiwala

    Indian players involved in gambling and ICC has its mouth full so cannot comment!

  6. A

    Qamar Zaman Kaira Ne Chup Ka Roza Rakh Liya/Refuses To Talk & Comment

  7. crankthskunk

    Genius at work: Please comment

    Genius at work We have the news, correct or not, debatable, but it is a separate debate. It has been reported that Osama was living on the 2nd floor of the house. It is also reported that he used the balcony for sun bathing. What a genius. He was sitting just few hundred meters away...
  8. crankthskunk

    Please comment on the state of Pakistan

    I want participants to comment and give their take on the situation in Pakistan. Pakistan seems to get the breaking news almost every day, more than any nation on earth. What are the reasons for this? I give few examples for today, 1- OBL death which is international news. 2-...
  9. K

    Should we listen these liberal muslim ideas (plz comment)

    Two nation theory was the base of Pakistan. If this will finish then existence of pakistan will become baseless. Then this would might be country but we will not be able to call it as Castle of Islam, like we always claim. Some people might not agree with me because of present condition of...
  10. Hasb e Haal

    Hasb -e- Haal - 9th April 2011 - Knowledge of Graphology, Salam of Altaf Hussain, Situation of Babbu

  11. crankthskunk

    Strike in Karachi and MQM attitude, please comment

    Strike in Karachi against Bhatta collection, MQM also issued their call. What is this? :angry_smile:
  12. T

    Very Interesting Column : Hafiz Abdul Kareem (Please read once and comment)

    My prayers are with Hafiz Abdul Kareem : May Allah Give him success.