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    CJ Should Take Action Against Those Who Make False Case, Rana Sanaullah

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    نواز شریف نے چیف جسٹس آصف سعید کھوسہ کے بارے میں کونسی سفارش کی تھی؟جانیے اس ویڈیو میں

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    14 important Points of Justice Nazar Akbar Dissenting Note || Detail's by Muhammad Zameer || ZM News

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    مشرف غداری کیس کے فیصلے میں کون سی سنگین غلطیاں سامنے آ گئیں؟؟ سنیے اس ویڈیو میں

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    کیا مشرف کیس میں چیف جسٹس کی وضاحت درست ہے؟کوئی تصادم کا خدشہ ہے؟جانیے صدیق جان سے

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    جنرل باجوہ نے چیف جسٹس کو کیا آفر کی؟عدلیہ کو کس طرح دانا ڈالا گیا؟سپریم کورٹ رپورٹر سے جانیں

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    Supreme Court issues detailed verdict in Army Chief's Extension case || 10 points by Umer Inam

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    آرمی چیف کی ایکسٹینشن کا نوٹیفیکیشن صحیح طریقے سے جاری نہ کرنا عمران خان کی نااہلی کی انتہا

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    اپوزیشن کی آرمی ایکٹ میں حکومت کو ووٹ دینا مجبوری۔۔ وجوہات جانیں عمر انعام سے

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    Judiciary recent past VS Gen Bajwa's case.

    Just a few examples: 1---Hearing of this case could have been in camera or restricted from reporting as; Lawyer plots case was not allowed to be reported NS Hudabia mills hearing was not allowed to be reported- by Faiz Esa 2---Procedural matters could have been corrected as; LHC offered to...
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    مشرف کیس کا کوئی فیصلہ نہیں ہو پائے گا۔۔حیران کن وجوہات سنیں آرزو کاظمی سے

  12. Sunbeam

    Kalsara's Great Critical Analysis on recent SC Judgement | Justice Attar Minullah does not deserve.. & Should resign

    Comments: I have seen Kalsara's great analysis after long time,while speaking he has Criticized Khosa as well as other members of the Judicary giving valid reasoning...he also was also apologizing to the Judges as that dont call me to the court ( for speaking truth) He mentioned very valid...
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    Chief Justice Saqib Nisar Speech Today 5 January 2019

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    Islamabad: Azam Swati declared guilty in IG Islamabad transfer case

  15. Pak News Official

    Chief Justice's Remarks on MD-PTV Ata ul Haq Qasmi's Appointment

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    Parliament cannot legislate in against Constitution, Chief Justice repiled to Prime Minister

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    Chief Justice said that I will make future elections transparent | 12th Feb 2018