1. junaids

    Twitter users charged with terrorism for false tweets

    Mass panic over erroneous kidnap claims By Dan Goodin in San Francisco Get more from this author Posted in Crime, 7th September 2011 05:00 GMT Free whitepaper Creating Order from Chaos in Data Centers and Server Rooms Mexican prosecutors are pursuing terrorism and sabotage charges against two...
  2. H

    A man stages murder of her wife with his Girl friend

    His wife with two sons. Kashif and with her lover Stephen. New Jersey: A young couple of Pakistani descent, walking their son in a stroller, was struck by gunfire on a New Jersey street...
  3. hans

    Toronto Imam charged in sex case

    Mohammad Masroor faces 13 charges, including sexual-related offences and threatening death. A religious leader is charged with a string of sexual offences against some of his students. Mohammad Masroor, 48, of Toronto, faces 13 charges and is believed to have traveled extensively...
  4. usman710

    Imran Khan's speech at Islamabad Dharna: VERY charged crowd

  5. L

    American charged with Dubai handcuff theft jailed,kiya ye Pakistan mein ho sakta hai? By AP DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) A Dubai court has slapped a one-month jail sentence on an American man on charges that he stole a pair of police handcuffs. A judge in the...
  6. Bilal_Mushi

    Six Pakistanis charged in US for aiding Taliban

    Six Pakistanis charged in US for aiding Taliban Updated 12 minutes ago WASHINGTON: US officials arrested three Pakistani Americans on Saturday and charged them and three others with providing or conspiring to provide "material support" to the Pakistani Taliban, the US Justice...
  7. karachiwala

    British soldiers charged with leaks

    LONDON, April 9 (UPI) -- Britain has arrested two special forces officers for leaking secrets in a move apparently related to a botched Libyan operation, police said Saturday. Metropolitan Police said the unnamed men, ages 33 and 35, were arrested March 2 on suspicion of violating the...