1. crankthskunk

    FOREIGNERS would be required to obtain POLICE CERTIFICATE before leaving PAKISTAN

    It is quite explosive news, the meeting was chaired by Sheitan Malik. It was also decided that the weapons licences would be checked and verified. But most of the prohibited bore licences were issued by Sheitan Malik. Why was he issuing licences of arms which are prohibited? Doesn't it mean they...
  2. mohib

    PROOF!!! Obama Birth Certificate Fraud - Alex Jones

    The Obama administration finally laid to rest all the rumors of the place of his birth with the release of his long form birth certificate. But closer inspection has prompted more questions than answers. For starters there are numerous layers. Some of the numerical characters look as if they...
  3. gazoomartian

    White House releases longer Obama birth certificate

    WASHINGTON: The White House on Wednesday released a longer version of President Barack Obamas US birth certificate to try to quiet charges from some Republicans that he was not born in the United States. Obama was to make a White House statement at 1445 GMT about the controversy. Questions...