1. L

    Blaming Muslims for terrorism caused Norway attack. Former Norwagen Primier

  2. Geek

    Nato caused Rs110bn damage to roads

    ISLAMABAD: A parliamentary committee asked the ministries of finance, foreign affairs and defence on Saturday to take notice of the damage caused to roads by the heavy Nato vehicles supplying goods and fuel to troops in Afghanistan. The National Assemblys Standing Committee on States and...
  3. biomat

    The Great 1987 Storm In UK Caused By HAARP Cover Up

  4. karachiwala

    US presence in Saudi Arabia caused Usama to renegade with the WEST

  5. Geek

    David Cameron: Britain caused many of the world's problems

    Britain is responsible for many of the worlds historic problems, including the conflict in Kashmir between India and Pakistan, David Cameron has said. The Prime Minister appeared to distance himself from the imperial past when he suggested that Britain was to blame for decades of tension and...