1. A

    An American Lady crushes the Camel (50% of American will be Obese in near future:study)

  2. haqiqat

    There is no greater enemy to a Predator drone than a camel carrying a stinger missile

    Attack of the drones: Now Obama approves the use of unmanned aircraft in Libya conflict By David Gardner Turning up the heat: President Barack Obama has approved the use of drone attack aircraft in Libya America turned up the heat on Colonel Gaddafi last night by approving the use...
  3. Raaz

    Pakistan is camel of Hazrat suwaleh (p.b.u.h) 14 Aug. Message .

    Pakistan is camel of Hazrat suwaleh (p.b.u.h) as Ashfaq Ahmed said. Please look at the Map of Pakistan, I feel that a camel is sitting.