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    Three Options Karachiites have to save their lives. Karachi Businessmen decided to take Arms.(Goli k

    Geo news presented three options for Karachi Citizens to save their lives as Karachi businessmen tired of BHATTA and BHATTA MAFIA THREATS decided to take arms and said enough is enough now they will fight back on the principle of "Goli Ka Jawab Goli".
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    Businessmen Protests Against Zulfiqar Mirza Extortion Mafia

    It is becoming habit of MQM opponents and detractors to distort fact about Karachi and blame MQM for any crime that is happening in Karachi which is not only proved false fabricated and concocted every time but there is also a reason behind those allegations on MQM, to save Real Culprits...
  3. Front Line

    Front Line - 29th April 2011 - Ahsan Iqbal & Dr Salman Shah - Dialogue b/w Businessmen & Politician.

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