1. M Ali Khan

    Baloch separatists groups become more and more DIVIDED

    A House Divided: The cloak-and-dagger story of splits among Baloch militants by Maqbool Ahmed, Herald Magazine 16 December 2014 It was an unusual development. Two leaders of the Baloch separatist movement not only differed vehemently with each other, they also made their disagreement known to...
  2. M Ali Khan

    BLA Terrorists kidnap 22 & martyr 13 on a Bus Bound for Punjab

    MACHH: The bodies of 14 out of a total of 30 kidnapped passengers were found from the mountains near Machh in Bolan district, Balochistan Express News reported on Tuesday. The passengers were on board five buses bound for Rajanpur in Punjab. According to Dr Kashif, Assistant Commissioner of...
  3. Wadaich

    American Efforts to Balkanize Pakistan-Baluchistan International Conference, Would U Reject it as Co

    It is from Baluchistan International Conference. A bit older news may it seem but is still very relevant to the our plight.

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