1. A

    Justin Bieber Got beaten- First Fight Video

    alternate link
  2. D

    "team injured" donkeys beaten by england

    chasing 188 in 23 over england by 7 wickets!!
  3. L

    Scuffle in Zulfiqar Mirza Press Conference, Journalist Beaten.

  4. MediaCell

    RAF Eurofighter Typhoons 'beaten by Pakistani F-16s We have got the talent and potential, just need to get rid of this corrupt civil/military leadership
  5. Faiza

    Rae Abileah, Beaten, Hospitalized, and Arrested

  6. A

    Old Woman Beaten By Lawyer For No Reason. Shame, Shame.

    bechari ghareeb aurat .we all have mothers.iss lawyer ki apni maa ko koi yoon maray tou kesa feel ho ga ??? doob marnay ka maqam hai