1. M Ali Khan

    Pakistan and Israel (2007 research paper by former Israeli ambassador)

    Pakistan and Israel Dr. Moshe Yegar, October 25, 2007 Since Israel‘s establishment in May 1948, Pakistan, being a Muslim country, has refused to establish diplomatic relations with it. The agreements that Israel signed with Egypt in 1978, the PLO in...
  2. S

    Why is 'x' the symbol for an unknown?

    Why is 'x' the symbol for an unknown? In this short and funny talk, Terry Moore gives the surprising answer. 116782
  3. msrx5jj2

    How the Arabs can help us avoid American and Israeli slavery

    How Iran's testing of the New Arrow 3 interceptor missile has repercussions for Pakistan's missile and nuclear assets and how the Arabs can help us avoid American and Israeli slavery. For the full copyrighted article visit...
  4. F

    We are NOT worst ARABS but better african - People in South Sudan

  5. H

    Casualities comparison in Iraq War...then you say why Arabs hate us

  6. hans

    Wealthy Arabs arriving early in London

    By CARINA KAMEL Al Arabiya...
  7. A Khokar

    The Day Arabs Ditched their Sword in Suez Canal

    In our next neighbours in the Middle East and North Africa; the entire region is set ablaze. The Arab world is seen awakening to set them freed of their aging tyrants Monarchs and the autocrat rulers. The sceptical believe and still consider it, as some conspiracy theory is unwinding to...
  8. Pakistani1947

    The Pre-Islamic Arabs believed in grave worship, intersession & still believed in Allah

  9. hawkeyeblue

    Quotable Quotes From the Chosen Ones the Israelites

    This is how they defend their land which they believe is theirs and ponder how we behave and our leaders act who claims we Love Pakistan. No Comments are necessary just ponder