1. crankthskunk


    After receiving my article Very early this morning criticising Talat Hussain, (new thread opened) Saach.TV has shown above information as exclusive document on media scandal. This is a damn white lie, absolutely. I have this information since end of July 2012. I have already posted part of...
  2. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 28th August 2011 - Zulfiqar Mirza, Hassan Nisar, Ansar Abbasi & Abdul Malik(Must Must

    Complete In Parts Watch this too...recommended.
  3. maksyed

    پاکستان بچانے کے لۓ ایک پکار - Ansar Abbasi

  4. Z

    نواز شریف صرف دھاڑتے ہیں - Ansar Abbasi

    Frustrated Nawaz major impediment to change Ansar Abbasi Wednesday, August 17, 2011 ISLAMABAD: Mian Nawaz Sharif does not believe in what he says. He sounds frustrated and concerned. He even warns the people of the bleak future of Pakistan under Zardari-Gilani duo but when it comes to actions...
  5. A

    Lets see what Ansar Burney does for these Pakistanis without any Indian.
  6. K

    Ansar Abbasi calls Rehman Malik, Raymond Malik
  7. H

    pak army still considers itself above the law. no responce on illegal occuption of lands by ansar ab

  8. Ammad Hafeez

    Zulfiqar Mirza looks mentally sick, should be treated in some good hospital - Ansar Burni

    Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza offered free mental treatment by Ansar Burney Trust after his humiliating remarks against mohajirs and MQM
  9. Bilal_Mushi

    Ansar Burney likely to be next Sindh governor

    Ansar Burney likely to be next Sindh governor Renowned humanitarian worker Ansar Burney is likely to become the new Sindh governor. According to sources, Burney was contacted during President Asif Ali Zardari’s London visit. Two key figure of the government also held a...
  10. Off The Record

    Off The Record - 20th June 2011 - Ansar Abbasi, Qamar Zaman Qaira, Faisal Raza Abidi

  11. 11th Hour

    11th Hour - 14th June 2011 - Ansar Barni, Dr Ishrat ul Ibad & Captain Safi ( on Phone Line) and his

  12. A

    Nice Article by Ansar Abbasi
  13. J

    Ansar Abbasi Nexus With PML-N In Making Fake Scandals انصار شریف یارانہ

  14. Off The Record

    Off The Record - 6th June 2011 - Ansar Abbasi, Faisal Raza Abidi & Tahmeena Doultana - PML-N Announc

  15. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 30th May 2011 - Rana Sanaullah, Haider Abbas Rizvi & Ansar Abbasi- Blame from Everywh

  16. Policy Matters

    Policy Matters - 21st May 2011 - Haroon Rasheed & Ansar Abbasi - Is Suiside Bombing The Reaction of

  17. Capital Talk

    Capital Talk - 11th May 2011 - Haider Abbas Rizvi, Haneef abbasi & Ansar abbasi - PMLN & Army Face T

  18. Off The Record

    Off The Record - 10th May 2011 - Khawaja Asif, Qamar Zaman & Ansar Abbasi - OBL Issue: When We Will

  19. Aaj Ki Khabar

    Aaj Ki Khabar - 5th May 2011 - Ansar Abbasi & Babar Sattar

  20. News Beat

    Ansar Abbasi Analysis On OBL Operation