1. Bilal_Mushi

    MQM finally agrees to Karachis deweaponisation

    MQM agrees to Karachi’s ‘deweaponisation’ By Raja Asghar | From the Newspaper “Whatever the National Assembly decides I will be with you,” MQM parliamentary leader Farooq Sattar told the house on Friday while referring to proposals of “deweaponise” Karachi and sending a parliamentary...
  2. mohib

    PML-N agrees in principle to form new provinces

    LAHORE: The PML-N has approved in principle the formation of new provinces on administrative basis, however any division based on ethnic and racial basis would not be accepted. PML-N sources told Geo News reporter Irfan Nazeer that the special committee formed by PML-N President Nawaz Sharif...
  3. B

    Pak agrees to grant India MFN status: Fehmida ew DelhiDr Fehmida Mirza, Speaker National Assembly on Monday apprised her Indian counterpart that Pakistan has agreed to grant India the MFN status and hoped that both countries will share their experiences in various fields to meet the...
  4. Geek

    NICL Scam- Federal Minister Amin Faheem agrees to return money

  5. E

    AJK election- PML-N agrees on seat adjustment with JI, electoral alliance with PPP

    2nd news article from top
  6. sherazopel

    China agrees to control Gwadar Port.

    According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Defence, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar said that China and Pakistan have agreed to work jointly to establish peace in the region. China will be handed over the control of Gwadar Port when Singapore Auhtority’s tenure would come to an end...
  7. M

    Joke of the Day - Zardari and Altaf agrees to protect karachi citizen s

    [hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar] [hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar][hilar]
  8. malikbhai

    NPF scandal:PML-N's MNA agrees to surrender land, cash worth Rs7b

    LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz MNA Anjum Aqeel has agreed to hand over land and cash worth Rs7 billion to the treasury under a deal struck with federal investigators to resolve the National Police Foundation (NPF) scandal. The recovery is said to have been made by the joint inquiry...
  9. B

    PML-Q agrees to join national govt - Zardari is the KING of politician - Aik Zardari sub pay BHARI

    جو تجھ بن نہ جینے کا کہتے تھے ہم سو اس عہد کو &amp جو تجھ بن نہ جینے کا کہتے تھے ہم سو اس عہد کو بھی وفا کر چلے
  10. Geek

    Persona non grata: US agrees to recall 331 diplomatic staffers

    LAHORE: According to a deal reached between relevant officials of Pakistan and the US in exchange for the release of US national Raymond Davis, as many as 331 US officials, most of whom are suspected of being engaged in espionage under diplomatic cover, have been identified to leave the...