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    Javed Ahmad Ghamidi talks about Shia genocide

    An old video From the Official Facebook page of Jawed Ahmad Ghamidi sahab Wednesday, February 20,2013 ??????? ??????? ??? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ?????? ???? ????? ????? ??? ??? ???? ??? ???? ???? ???? ????? ?? A detailed perspective afterwards on Friday ??? ...
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    Do Pakistanis living abroad pretend as Indians?

    For the past few years, I have been coming across news articles and posts mostly by Indians that Pakistanis living abroad especially in Western nations hide information about their true origins simply due to bad reputation of Pakistan in the local media over there; and often pretend as Indians...
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    Veteran Pakistani columnist Cowasjee passes away at 86

    KARACHI: One of Pakistans oldest and most renowned columnists, Ardeshir Cowasjee, passed away in Karachi on Saturday at the age of 86. Cowasjee, whose weekly columns graced the Dawn newspaper from 1988 to 2011, was suffering from chest illness and had been admitted in a Karachi hospitals...
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    Bal Thackeray with Javed Miandad

    Blast from the past. I am simply speechless about it. (serious) (omg)
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    Amman Message

    The Amman Message (Arabic: رسالة عمان‎) is a statement which was issued on 9 November 2004 (27th of Ramadan 1425 AH) by King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein of Jordan, calling for tolerance and unity in the Muslim world.[1] Subsequently, a three-point ruling was issued by 200 Islamic scholars from...
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    US Sponsored Islamic Fundamentalism: The Roots of the US-Saudi Alliance

    The alliance between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia helped spread the ideology of fundamentalist Sunni Islam all over the globe. The majority of its victims are not citizens of Western countries, but citizens of countries that U.S. elites consider a threat to their economic...
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    Urgent Help Needed : 17 Years Cancer Patient Needs Help!

    Name: Mudassar Shah Age: 17 years Address: Haripur, KPK, Pakistan Disease: Bone Marrow Cancer Admitted at: Department of Oncology, CMH Rawalpindi; 1st Floor; Bed no. ITC 3. Please, help this young kid by donating as much as you can. He or his family is not able to bear all the expenses...
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    Allama Ghulam Ahmad Parwez's threads collections

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    Javed Ahmad Ghamdi Threads - Collection