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  • Salam Waseem, Is there any way I can delete my own post if I want to? I tried to find any thread relating to this issue but haven't got any result.
    Dear No Fear,

    We are aware of this issue and looking into it, hopefully it will be resolved soon Insha Allah
    I apologize for my abusive post and I know there isn't any excuse for it.

    I hope you would also keep an eye on this guy Perfect Stranger because he is the one who instigate and provoke.

    INSHALLAH you wont see anything like this from me in the future.

    Dear member,

    We are trying to reach out to ever member and bring everyone on the same page. Everyone's opinion is respected, as long you are not being abusive or getting personal with others.

    following is the example of your post I just came across.

    "Ab Bhonkta Reh K U T T A Y Ki Tarh .. Tujhe Teri Auqat Bata Di .. Ab Apne Zakhm Chaat-ta Reh Aur Aainda K U T T O N Ki Larayi Mai Meri Is Baat Ko Yaad Karta Reh :lol::lol:[hilar]


    Instead of responding to an abusive post, Report it and we'll take an appropriate action against the user.

    I hope, you will cooperate with us to make this forum a better place.
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